36 Parallel Simulations [SpeedSim-for-DIVA]

Ayman Wagdy
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This license speeds up the simulation process up to [36] times.

SpeedSim-for-DIVA is an optimized batching system that uses a parallel algorithm to execute the batch files created by the "write-only" function in DIVA Daylight Analysis component.

This plugin is extremely beneficial for DIVA-for-Grasshopper users because it conducts multiple simulations in parallel (saving you valuable time).

A quick example. SpeedSim was used in the journal paper referenced below, where 1600 iterations were finished in just 2 days instead of 16.6 days. The simulations were conducted on i7 processor with 8 cores (average of 15 minutes per simulation). As a result, there was more time studying the simulation results and learning from it.

Get your SpeedSim license today, and enjoy the speed of parallel simulations.




Journal Paper:


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36 Parallel Simulations [SpeedSim-for-DIVA]

0 ratings